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Four guns, four vests, hours of outdoor fun. ArmoGear I feel for you, parents of younger kids. You want them

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Four guns, four vests, hours of outdoor fun.


I feel for you, parents of younger kids. You want them outdoors having fun with friends, but also keeping a safe distance. A traditional game of tag doesn't fly (because touching), but you know what does? Laser tag. It is, by definition, meant to be played from afar. Pew-pew!

And here's a great deal on a complete setup: The ArmoGear Laser Battle 4-player set for $89.99 with promo code CNETLSR4. Price at Amazon: $120. (For what it's worth, you can also get the Laser Battle 2-player set for $49.99 with code CNETLSR2. My take: More players equals more fun, so go for the four-pack.)

Designed for ages 8 and up, the ArmoGear set includes four laser guns and four vests. You can engage in team or individual play, and you can expand the battlefield with up to four teams of four players each.

Features include sound effects, tactile vibrations, voice-guided instructions and a variety of shooting and gameplay modes. ArmoGear promises an effective range of 150 feet, both indoors and out.

I haven't tried this myself, though I'm seriously tempted to grab a set, but it has a 4.6-star average rating from nearly 1,800 Amazon buyers.

Here's the downside: batteries. Each blaster and each gun requires three AAAs, so you'll need a whopping 24 of them (not included) just to get started. And then you'll land in the poorhouse replacing them.

My recommendation: Get a couple of these rechargeable-AAA 16-packs with charger. The initial outlay is a bit steep, but you'll save big in the long run.


For outdoor fun, nothing beats a couple super-soaking water guns.


Of course, on hot days in particular, nothing beats running around with water guns. Daily Steals also has the Spritz Hydro Enforcer super-soaker 2-pack for $14.99 with code CNETWTR. Similar packs sell for as much as $30 at Amazon. 

No batteries required, here, just an available spigot to refill each 36-ounce tank. The guns can shoot up to 35 feet, according to Spritz. Outdoor fun doesn't get much more wholesome than this.

Your thoughts?

Never again stub your toe at night with this night-light 4-pack for $12

Night-lights are great to have around the house, whether in a kid's room or bathroom or on a stairway. Of course, the best ones are those that kick on automatically thanks to built-in light sensors.

Presto: For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Eufy by Anker Lumi plug-in light 4-pack is just $12 when you clip the on-page 20%-off coupon. That's not the lowest price ever, but it's still a decent deal on a household essential.

Just plug one into an outlet and it'll automatically cast a warm LED glow when the dusk-to-dawn sensor is triggered.

How great are these? Over 4,700 buyers collectively rated them 4.7 stars.

This article was first published last week. 

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