Google Search has a hidden surprise.

Angela Lang/CNET

Google Search is celebrating the 20th anniversary of popular song and dance combo, the “Cha Cha Slide,” with a hidden surprise. 

When you search “Cha Cha Slide” on Google, a microphone appears next to the music video and prompts you to tap along to an interactive edition of the hit song. Google says the hidden feature is best experienced with your volume turned up.

The Cha Cha Slide was released in 2000 by American artist DJ Casper. The song spent five weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the UK Singles Chart in 2004. The Cha Cha Slide remains a pop culture staple, making appearances at weddings, proms and other parties. 

Google Search has other Easter eggs, such as “do a barrel roll,” “askew,”  Google gravity and others. Google Maps also has its own set of hidden features. 

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