Updating to iOS 14 may remove Fortnite from your iPhone, Epic warns – CNET


Fortnite players need to strategize if and when they install iOS 14.

Angela Lang/CNET

Fortnite developer Epic Games is warning players that they could ax the popular battle royale game when they update to Apple’s iOS 14

“Fortnite iOS players updating to iOS 14 may lose access to Fortnite,” reads a tweet Wednesday from the Fortnite Status account. “If the message ‘Temporarily Remove Apps to Install the Software Update?’ is accepted, it may result in Fortnite being deleted. Fortnite cannot later be reinstalled due to Apple preventing users from doing so.”

Apple gives people the option to temporarily remove apps to make room for sizable iOS updates. But because Fortnite has been kicked off the Apple App Store, people who already have the app installed may not be able to re-download the game if it’s removed to make room for iOS 14.

In a follow-up tweet, the Fortnite account suggested that people should press Cancel first, then go to SettingsGeneral > iPhone Storage to free up space.

Apple is locked in a legal battle with Fortnite developer Epic Games. Fortnite was kicked off both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in August after Epic attempted to bypass the 30% fee that Apple and Google charge developers. Epic countered by filing lawsuits against both companies.

The iOS 14 update, released Sept. 16, includes several new features for iPhone users, including its new Smart Stack widget tool and the ability to personalize your iPhone’s home screen.


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