Master Azure: This complete Microsoft Azure course bundle is just $30 right now, over 95% off

Cloud services have certainly come a long way since they began primarily as online storage platforms. The cloud is now used by countless companies of all sizes and industries in order to create and deploy a wide variety of apps and services — all through easily-accessible platforms that don’t require customers to rely on expensive and space-consuming hardware.

As one of the leading cloud computing infrastructures in the world, Microsoft Azure offers a unique blend of power and simplicity when it comes to distributing apps and services — making it an ideal choice for businesses, developers, and even government agencies who want to streamline their workflow while cutting costs.

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Given Azure’s growing popularity across the globe, you should be prioritizing an Azure education if you’re interested in landing the best and most exciting positions in a cloud-based world of tech and IT, and the Complete Microsoft Azure eBook and Video Course Bundle is here to help for just $29.99.

With a combination of six eBooks and over 15 hours of high-quality video content, this training bundle will give you the skills you need to work with Azure in a variety of environments and configurations, through lessons that focus on building cloud solutions, integrating networks, and more.

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Regardless of your previous experience in cloud computing or Microsoft platforms, you’ll learn how to deploy and manage Azure containers in order to develop new apps and tools, how to develop B2B solutions by integrating Azure with third-party programs, how to distribute and optimize app delivery by fine-tuning networks, and more.

There’s also plenty of training that revolves around server-less integration patterns — an increasingly important and lucrative field now that more companies are outsourcing their server networks in order to cut costs and expedite their workflow. 

Each of the eBooks and videos in this bundle is designed to help you understand both the general methodology of the Azure infrastructure along with its more nuanced elements and applications, and there are plenty of helpful examples to ensure that you’ll be able to apply your new knowledge in the field.

Don’t get left behind during the cloud computing revolution. Whether you’re interested in starting a tech business from scratch or want to put yourself in the best position to land a great career in IT, the Complete Microsoft Azure eBook & Video Course Bundle will help you master the cloud for just $29.99 — 95% off its usual price today.

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