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Infinacore Power banks are a dime a dozen (well, they're not that cheap, but they are that common), but I've

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Power banks are a dime a dozen (well, they're not that cheap, but they are that common), but I've been waiting for an innovative power bank to come along that offers more than a couple of USB ports and a built-in LED flashlight. My wait might be over: The Pandora Portable Power Charger is a wall charger, power bank with digital display and wireless Qi charger all in one. It has just debuted with a retail price of $60, but you can get the Pandora Portable Power Charger for $36 when you use the exclusive code CNET at checkout. The code buys you an additional 10% off the introductory discounted price of $40.

This pocket-size power bank plugs directly into the wall like a wall charger and while it tops off its 8,000-mAh battery, it can charge up to three devices at once: two via the USB-A ports and a third via USB-C. When you take it off wall power, it becomes a power bank that can charge up to four devices at once -- including a Qi-compatible wireless device. There's a digital display to keep you apprised of the battery level as well.

There's more. The USB-C port is bidirectional, so you don't have to plug it into the wall. You can charge the battery from any USB-C source, like a laptop or car charger. And Pandora supports fast charging -- 18 watts through the USB-C port and up to 10 watts on the Qi wireless pad.

The whole thing is roughly pocket-size (2.3 inches square and an inch thick) and weighs 9 ounces. If your junk drawer isn't already brimming with power banks, you might want to give this one a try.

This article was first published last week. 

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