Fall Guys are apparently horrific, nightmarish monsters on the inside – CNET


Fall Guys might look cute on the outside, but inside their bodies is quite another story.

Tudor Morris/Instagram

The main characters in the extremely popular video game Fall Guys might look like adorable, oversize bean-shaped creatures, but apparently their insides look like a nightmare come to life. 

Fans no longer have to imagine what the inside anatomy of the Fall Guys looks like. On Wednesday, Senior Concept Artist at Mediatonic Games Tudor Morris posted on Instagram his interpretation of the weird characters’ insides complete with a skull with protruding eyeballs and an elongated neck.

“Sometimes I like to ruin nice things, and seeing as I’m working on Fall Guys, and I love me some speculative anatomy, I thought I’d post some artwork up for you all,” Morris wrote on his Instagram post. “You have options for how you interpret this, but I refuse to comment to elaborate.”

Having the Fall Guy stand next to a human for a size comparison makes it look even creepier somehow. Fall Guys are six feet tall (183cm), according to the Fall Guys Game Twitter account that also proudly shared the disturbing artwork on Wednesday.

“This is a canonical representation of what’s inside a fall guy, we knew from the start that they weren’t as marketable like this so we gave them nice little cuddly suits,” Morris added. “The important thing to bear in mind is that, whatever the interpretation you take away, they are very happy little beans.”

But is this all true, or just an elaborate ruse. You decide!


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