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Samsung and SK Hynix to halt memory supply to Huawei


Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix will halt their memory supply to Huawei from September 15, as US sanctions that were announced in May against the Chinese tech giant are set to come into effect.

The May sanctions ban Huawei from being able to access core components, such as memory, that are designed and produced with US technologies.

After announcing these sanctions, the US in August enforced further restrictions and added 38 Huawei affiliates to its Entity List of companies that are considered as risks to national security or foreign policy interests. Huawei itself, along with hundreds of its affiliates, were added to the list last year.

The August announcement expanded restrictions on Huawei to not allow the Chinese tech giant to obtain foreign-made chips produced from US software an...

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Singapore readies satellite road toll system for 2021 rollout

Singapore will begin installing its satellite-based Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) network from the first half of next year, which will eliminate the need for physical gantries that currently stand on local roads. However, “slimmer” gantries still will be erected to indicate toll charges. 

The country’s next-generation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) ERP network was previously slated to begin rollout this year, but was delayed due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on global supply chains. The new infrastructure now was expected to be complete in mid-2023. 

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), implementation works would begin next year and span over 18 months...

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Lack of cloud expertise, controls leave APAC firms vulnerable in remote work

The global pandemic has sent 92% of organisations scurrying to adopt new technologies in order to facilitate remote work, but businesses in Asia-Pacific often come up short on cloud expertise and endpoint controls. Such common oversights can leave these companies vulnerable to cyberattacks. 

Amongst global companies that brought in new technologies to adapt to a new remote workplace, 63% turned to enterprise collaboration tools such as Zoom, Cisco Systems’ Webex, and Microsoft Teams. Another 52.1% adopted privacy tools including VPNs and encryption, while 46.9% brought in endpoint cybersecurity tools including antivirus, patch management, and vulnerability assessments, according to Acronis’ Cyber Readiness Report.

Conducted over June and July this year, the survey polled 3,400 IT managers...

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Singapore to begin nationwide distribution of COVID-19 contact tracing wearables

Singapore will begin issuing COVID-19 contact tracing wearables to all residents and introduce additional safety measures as it looks to resume more public activities in the coming weeks. These new measures will include the mandatory use of the TraceTogether Tokens or contact tracing app TraceTogether to facilitate digital check-in procedures at some locations where “higher-risk activities” are held.

A new “Self-Check” service and SMS service will also be rolled out on Thursday to alert people if they have visited the same venues at the same time as COVID-19 cases, said the Health Ministry and Smart Nation and Digital Government Office in a joint statement Wednesday. Both services will be based on data from individuals’ SafeEntry check-ins.

The government agencies said the new measures we...

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Dealing with Your Teen’s Strong Political Opinions

Our nation is in the midst of one of the most divisive political seasons in recent memory. And many of our teenagers are getting caught up in the hype. After all, teenagers are known for having strong opinions. They’re also quick to want to share them. Plus, what’s cooler than owning someone in a verbal battle by dropping some stats you learned from an article you read on Buzzfeed? But politics and relationships don’t always mix.

Of course, one of the risks here is that our kids simply add to the division broiling around them. Worse, they actually start to believe the hype of “us” versus “them” and to vilify the people with whom they disagree. But there is a different way for our teens (and us) to navigate politics and relationships...

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Samsung Display applies for US licence for Huawei exports

Image: Corinne Reichert/ZDNet

Samsung Display has applied for a licence from the US Department of Commerce to allow it to export technology to Huawei, people familiar with the matter told ZDNet.

Meanwhile, compatriot LG Display has not done so and will likely not apply for the licence in the short term, the sources said.

Samsung put in the official request on Wednesday. 

The company supplies OLED panels to Huawei, which are used in the Chinese tech giant’s flagship smartphones. For Samsung Display, Huawei is its third most important customer after Apple and Samsung Electronics.

LG Display also supplies OLED panels for Huawei’s smartphones and OLED TVs, but the volume it supplies is smaller when compared to Samsung.

The move comes as US sanctions against Huawei — which prevents the Chine...

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3 Things to Do When Your Child Disappoints You

I know you’re not supposed to say it, but let’s face it—sometimes your child disappoints you. You expected certain things of her and she just didn’t come through. Maybe it was her poor academic performance, or the time he lost his temper, or the fact that he is bullying someone at school. Sometimes our kids let us down.

What folks never tell you, though, is that this is just part of the gig. As a parent, no one knows your children like you do. You know how they’ve been taught and what you’ve modeled for them. You know them at their best and expect them to be at their best in most (if not all) situations. But, of course, your child is human. Inevitably, he or she will fall short of your expectations. So what do you do when your child disappoints you? Here are 3 suggestions.


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Singapore moots need to update rules on data access in e-commerce

Singapore is reviewing whether local guidelines should be updated to address potential competition and consumer issues that may arise from the proliferation of e-commerce platforms. These include a need to provide “greater clarity” with regards to the role of data in the sector, as marketplace operators may move to refuse access as a competitive measure. 

For now, at least, there are no major competition concerns involving e-commerce platforms in the country, according to the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS), citing feedback from the industry...

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What to Do When You Catch Your Wife Lying

A few months ago, a man asked me for some advice. He realized his wife had not been telling him the truth about purchasing groceries. She would spend hundreds of dollars a week, yet the fridge and pantry seemed empty. “I think she is taking out cash that I don’t know about,” he said. What he also didn’t know was what to do when someone lies to you in a relationship.

He was afraid to confront her because he wasn’t sure how she would react. His fear was based on past experiences of confronting people who’ve lied to him. I sat with him and asked, “So, what do we do?” What do you do when you catch your wife lying to you? Here are 3 steps to take.

1. Stay calm.

Regardless of how big or small the lie is, remain calm...

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LG unveils Wing phone with swivelling dual screens

Image: LG Electronics

LG Electronics has unveiled its new dual screen smartphone called LG Wing.

The LG Wing, which is the first device to be unveiled as part of the company’s Explorer Project, has two screens stacked together.

The first screen is a 6.8-inch OLED panel that can be rotated clockwise by 90 degrees to unveil a second 3.9-inch screen in swivel mode.

According to LG, this allows a single app to be expanded onto both screens or for two apps to be displayed simultaneously on each screen.

Apps such as YouTube, Tubi, Rave, and Ficto can be displayed on both screens via the preinstalled Naver Whale browser. For these apps, videos would be played on the main screen and the second screen would show the comments section or search bar.

LG also touted that the phone’s swivel mode...

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