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The world’s first foldable phone gets a next-gen model with 5G – CNET

Screenshot by Sareena Dayaram/CNET

Chinese phone-maker Royole put itself on the map when it beat Samsung and Huawei to the punch in releasing the world’s first foldable phone last year. Never mind that it was a spectacular failure. This week the company launched a next-generation version of that phone, the Flexpai 2, during an online event streamed from the Chinese city of Shenzhen on Tuesday.

Royole’s latest foldable, which opens and shuts like a book, extends into a 7.8-inch screen when its outward-facing flexible screen is unfurled. It also has the newest Snapdragon 865 chipset, a 4,450-mAh battery and a quad-camera module. Its 5G capability has nine different bands covering regions including the US, Europe and China, according to Bill Liu, CEO of Royole. 

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Amazon Luna needs to learn from the mistakes of Google Stadia – CNET

Amazon Luna Controller

The Amazon Luna Controller. Very purple.


When Google Stadia was first announced, it promised to change the way we consumed video games forever. It only took one tweet to destabilize all the hype.

“Here is my Google Stadia review in one GIF,” said Washington Post journalist Gene Park, just before the product was launched. He pushed the space bar on his keyboard to jump in-game and looked back in mock joy as it took Stadia almost a full second to register it.

With Google Stadia, it’s safe to say, mistakes were made...

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2021 Acura TLX A-Spec: Good looks and turbo power – Roadshow

The dashboard and center stack is a little busy, but otherwise, the interior is lovely.

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Published:Caption:Steven EwingPhoto:Acura

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How a ballerina became a gamer and entrepreneur: The Mari Takahashi origin story – CNET


Mari Takahashi is one of the most interesting people you should know. For 10 years she was a professional ballet dancer. And now she’s a widely known and respected gamer and entrepreneur.


This story is part of I’m So Obsessed (subscribe here), our podcast featuring interviews with actors, artists, celebrities and creative types about their work, career and current obsessions.

Mari Takahashi’s life reads like the origin story of a comic book character. For 10 years, she was a professional ballet dancer. Then she took an acting gig for a YouTube video, which launched her into a different career doing sketch comedy and playing video games for the YouTube behemoth Smosh. She also co-founded the channel Smosh Games and is now on her own as an entrepreneur...

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After more than a month, stimulus bill negotiations are back on the table. What we know – CNET


Congress has a handful of days to reach a deal before breaking for the election.

Angela Lang/CNET

The deadlock on Capitol Hill might soon come to an end. Or at least, a beginning of an end. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have agreed to restart formal talks to strike a deal on a new economic relief bill, which is expected to deliver a second round of stimulus checks to millions of Americans. 

“I’ve probably spoken to Speaker Pelosi 15 or 20 times in the last few days … and we’ve agreed to continue to have discussions about the CARES Act,” Mnuchin said Thursday.

Pelosi has reportedly tasked her committee heads to draft new legislation for a narrower bill than the Heroes Act proposed in May, according to The Washington Post and The Hill...

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Amazon Luna: How to get early access to the cloud gaming platform – CNET


One of the most promising areas in gaming over the past year has been cloud gaming. Microsoft’s xCloud lets you play new Xbox games on your phone. Games released on Google Stadia can be played on any phone, laptop or computer. And now, Amazon wants in. On Thursday the e-commerce giant announced Luna, its very own cloud gaming service.

The biggest mystery surrounds the games available on the platform. Amazon has yet to provide a list, although we do know Ubisoft will bring Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to the platform.  Luna will run on Amazon’s AWS servers, and at launch games will stream at up to 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. Support for 4K is teased as “coming soon.”

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Register to vote: How to find out if you’re already registered and sign up for the first time – CNET


Find out if you’re registered to vote.

James Martin/CNET

This story is part of Elections 2020, CNET’s coverage of the run-up to voting in November.

Whether you’re planning to vote by mail or in person during the 2020 Election on Nov. 3, you won’t be able to do either unless you’re registered. If you’re not sure what your status is, the answer is simple — and it requires very little time to find out.

Voting will look different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Once you’re registered to vote, you can choose to vote by mail or absentee ballot if you don’t feel comfortable heading to the polling place. In-person voting will also be an option, but expect extra rules for social distancing and mask-wearing at the very least. You can also vote early at the polls to avoid the long li...

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Xbox Series X games, specs, price, how it compares to PS5, Xbox Series S – CNET


Microsoft’s eagerly awaited new Xbox video game console is almost here, and you can shell out $500 (£450, AU$749) for the Xbox Series X now that preorders have started. Or, you might decide to save a couple hundred and opt for the lesser — but still very appealing– Xbox Series S. We now have a clearer picture of what to expect from the Xbox Series X, short of the types of answers we can only get by booting one up and starting to play.

The Series X enters a scene that looks very different than when its predecessor, the Xbox One X, arrived three years ago. Though technically it’s competing with other living room game consoles, notably its sibling the Series S and...

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Apple fixes bug that reset default web and mail apps – CNET


A new iOS 14 update fixes a bug that reset users’ email and browser settings.


Apple has issued an iOS update that fixes a major bug users found in the previous update. Last week, iPhone users began complaining that their settings had been reset to Apple’s default email and default web browser options. Tapping on links would suddenly default back to Safari rather than Chrome, for example.

“Fixes an issue that could cause default browser and mail settings to rest after restarting your iPhone,” the update notes for iOS 14.0.1 state.

The update also addressed an issue preventing camera previews from displaying on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus; fixed an issue preventi...

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McLaren details 765LT’s insane acceleration, debuts MSO customized examples – Roadshow


The McLaren 765LT is quick as hell


Production of the new McLaren 765LT has begun ahead of deliveries commencing at the end of September, and it turns out the latest longtail supercar is even quicker than McLaren initially thought. When the 765LT was first announced back in March, McLaren said it would do 0-124 mph in 7.2 seconds and run through the quarter-mile in about 10 seconds. But after undergoing final testing, it turns out the 765LT will do 0-124 in 7.0 seconds flat and the quarter-mile in 9.9 seconds.

Let that sink in. The 765LT will hit 124 mph before most passenger cars have even hit 60 mph. As a reminder, the 765LT uses a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 that makes 755 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque...

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